All-round Entertainers

All-Round entertainer

SU Updated

General Information

Contract Dates
April - October 2021

What we are looking for

English, German or Dutch
Skills & Experience
Confident, bubbly and outgoing
No experiences needed

What do we offer

Monthly Salary
700 € - 800 €
Accomodation and fullboard
shared room in the hotel area 3 meals per day in the hotel restaurant
Contract Type
employment contract, Swiss social security and accident insurance
Flight Tickets
Reimbursement at the end of the contract
Along with your team mates you will offer fun and exciting animation program for
hotel guests of different ages and nationalities. During day time you will lead sport’s
activities, chatting with the guests and participate in pool games.
In the evening is your biggest chance to show yourself on the stage by taking part in
our shows, or some funny games and competitions with the guests.
You will have one day off per week, which will allow you to explore the island, have
fun with your friends or just chill on the beach.